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Citrus Sleep is an online publication for Green Living consumers featuring brands, products and ideas creating positive social change. Citrus Sleep was built on the core idea consumers are as a group, powerful and influential of promoting social change through their everyday purchases and Eco-friendly Natural Organic choices.


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Best Organic Plush Mattress

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Eco Friendly Living

Quality eco friendly  outdoor furniture sets will inspire you to get outside.  Spend time relaxing with your patio furniture in your outdoor oasis.

Conscious Lifestyle

We’ve added our list of the 9 best earth friendly and socially conscious purses, handbags, totes and clutches that you will look good and feel good about using.

Environmentally Friendly

Our list of top 11 casual organic, fair trade and eco-friendly spring time dresses and  insight on the fashion world's sustainable practices.

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gift guide for men

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